The Mechanic is responsible for the day to day handling of repairs, overhauls, maintenance and servicing of trucks.
The Mechanic reports directly to the Workshop Foreman.

Duties & Responsibilities
The scope of responsibilities of the Mechanic covers maintenance and repairs on gearbox, differentials, pneumatics and diagnosis of faults, preparation of trucks for COF and engine overhauls.

Outline of Duties & Responsibilities:
 Engine overhauls including overhead adjustments, engine brake installations and adjustments and fitting engine accessories and repairs;
 Trouble shooting including use of E-Checks, fit and adjust EPS, Rev counter sensor VSS, assessment of failure using the multi-meter and fitting ECM and electrical measurements;
 Clutch installation and removal including gearbox and differential unit;
 Attending to pneumatics and hydraulic problems;
 Carry out brake overhaul;
 Preparing horse/ trailer for COF at VID;
 Conducting general maintenance and service of trucks;
 Gearbox and differential trouble shooting and minor repairs;
 Rear and front suspension repairs;
 Carry out certification of fitness inspections and repairs;
 Attending to vehicle breakdown;
 Perform other tasks as may be required by the Workshop Foreman and/ or WS Technical Manager and/or his deputy.

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Job Requirements: 

Job Profile Soft Skills – Behaviors / Personal Competences:  Good communication skills;  Good inter-personal skills and ability to work in a team;  Display high levels of responsibility and accountability;  Hard worker, with high levels of energy and self-motivation;  Planning and Organization Skills;  Decision making skills;  Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates  Show interest in developing direct reports;  Ensuring compliance with the Health, Safety, Environmental & Security and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption policies for yourself and any of your direct reports;  Available to pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role.  PRO: DA/C Hard Skills – Background / Technical Competences:  Academic Background: Apprenticeship/ Class one Mechanic;  Experience required (minimum/maximum): 3-5 years  Age (minimum / maximum): 25-40;  Others: English – full command of the English language, both written and spoken;  Time availability: willingness to work nights and weekends as per workload.  LI: Minimum of 15. Working Hours Regular Office working hours at J&J:  From Monday to Friday ­ 0700 Hours – 1300 Hours ­ 1400 Hours – 1700 Hours ­ Alternate weekends (0700-1300 & 1400-1700hours)