The Logistics Account Assistant (LAS) is responsible for guaranteeing all 3rd party invoices are correct, paid on time, receiving and checking receipts against Import Payments Summary – Cheque Requisition.


The LAS reports to the Logistics Account Senior Assistant.


Duties & Responsibilities


Outline of Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist actively the Logistics Account Supervisor in following up on relevant reports;
  • Ensure all day-to-day activities are completed on time and accurately;
  • Verify, insert and/or upload all incoming invoices, pro forma and Credit Notes on the respective System(s);
  • Ensure all invoices are inserted on the System in a timely manner, making sure tariffs and prices are correct;
  • Compile, create and/or verify cheque requisitions and submit payment requests for Logistics Services to the Accounts Department;
  • Follow up with payments, Proof of Payments and/or relevant documentation with Accounts Department for 3rd Parties invoices relevant to the Logistics Department;
  • Verify Receipts against Import Payments Summary and report any discrepancy or mistake;
  • Weekly reconciliation of supplier statements and/or SOA/AGE analysis, ensuring the respective accuracy and report any discrepancy or problem immediately;
  • Perform monthly internal reconciliation with Account Department and/or when required;
  • Verify System Data and information for accuracy and report any discrepancy to the Logistics Account Senior Assistant;
  • Actively and proactively pursue suppliers and/or third parties regarding any missing and/or incorrect documentation and/or invoice/credit note/proforma/receipt;
  • Build and maintain effective work relationships with 3rd parties;
  • Ensure compliance with Health, Safety, Environment and Security policy.
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Job Requirements: 

Job Profile

§ Soft Skills – Behaviors / Personal Competences  

  • Good Communication
  • Strong work ethic
  • Analytical skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Accuracy and Attention to Detail
  • Organization
  • Proactive and dynamic person
  • Capable of working within a team and collaborating with team members
  • Capable of managing his time and meeting deadlines
  • Ability to work under pressure

§ Hard Skills – Background / Technical Competences

  • Academic Background – preferably Degree in Accounting.
  • Experience required (minimum/maximum): preferably 1-3 years with the similar duties and responsibilities.
  • IT knowledge: Good knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Excel; Word).
  • Age (minimum / maximum): 22 - 32.
  • Fluent in English
  • Fluency in Portuguese.

Working Hours

Regular Office working hours at JJ:


  • From Monday to Friday  
  • 07h30 – 12h30
  • 13h30 – 17h30
  • Saturday:

             07h30 – 12h30